Big Mumbai Invitation Code: 5154350250 – 2024

How To Register For An Account On Big Mumbai App

Registering for a new account on the Big Mumbai App only takes a few simple steps. The first thing you’ll need is a Big Mumbai invitation code. With this code 5154350250,

you can create your account and start playing right away.

Step 1 – Visit the Big Mumbai offical site or click below button

Register on Big Mumbai

Step 2 – Click on Butoon Right Account Tab and then click Regiseter, you will see this type of interface.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code
Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Step 3 – After That Fill your Detail like Mobile Number, 8-14 Digit Password and invitation code 5154350250

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Step 4 – The Big Mumbai invite code is 5154350250

Step 5 – Click on the register button, and you will create a new account on the Big Mumbai App.

For Any kind of support join Telegram

Join Telegram

Games On Big Mumbai app

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Big Mumbai is an innovative color prediction website that offers an exciting opportunity to earn money through various engaging games, including popular options like Lottery, Mini Game ( Aviator) PVC, Fishing, Casino, Wingo, Trx Hash, 5D Lotre, K3 Lotre, Slots, Sports, and more. With a wide array of games to choose from, players have a multitude of avenues for increasing their earnings.

Within the Big Mumbai app, you can explore and experience each game on offer. By trying your hand at all the games featured on the Big Mumbai platform, you’ll not only have a better grasp of these prediction-based games but also increase your potential to earn money seamlessly.

Despite being a recent addition, the Big Mumbai app is dedicated to ensuring fair and transparent gameplay for all its users. You can place your trust in Big Mumbai’s games and confidently participate in them to generate income online. The platform’s reputation for reliable and honest gaming experiences makes it a promising choice for those looking to venture into online earning opportunities.

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Big Mumbai Game Promotion & Earn

The Big Mumbai Game offers a promotion program that allows you to invite your friends and earn money from them. Through the Big Mumbai promotion program, you have the opportunity to earn income across four different levels.

This means you can receive both direct commissions and team commissions on the Big Mumbai Game. The process of earning promotion commissions on the Big Mumbai is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. If you’re unsure about how to take advantage of the Big Mumbai app promotion program, here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1 – Open the Big Mumbai app or visit the website.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Step 2 – Click on the “Promotion” tab.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Step 3 – Within the “Promotion” tab, you’ll find your unique invitation code and invitation link. You can easily copy and share these with your friends to start earning commissions on the Big Mumbai app.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Additionally, the “Promotion” tab provides you with comprehensive information about the individuals you’ve invited. This includes details about the number of your direct subordinates, the total count of team members, today’s invitations, direct commissions, team commissions, and much more.

As a result, by exploring the “Promotion” tab, you can gain a clear and straight forward view of how you are earning within the Big Mumbai Game.

This method is helping people earn lakhs. The scheme works like this: imagine you’ve invited 20 people to join. They start building a team, which ultimately becomes your team. You receive a 0.6% daily commission for up to 6 levels. If your referral deposits and plays games, you also earn a daily salary of up to ₹10,000. Additionally, you receive a first recharge bonus when someone recharges, and there’s an active downline reward that can earn you lakhs of rupees.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code – 5154350250

The Big Mumbai Game invitation code is 5154350250. You can enter the Big Mumbai Invitatoin code while registering on the Big Mumbai app to receive a Big Mumbai gift code worth ₹10 – ₹100.

Officail Website of Big Mumbai Game

The offical Website of Big Mumbai are , do not go on any fraud webiste.

How To Withdraw Money On Big Mumbai Game ?

Follow the Simple steps and know how to withdraw money from Big Mumbai Game :-

Step 1 – click on Account and then click on Withdraw

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Step 2 – You able to see Add a bank account number click on that and then

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Step 3 – Fill your bank Account Detail and correctly.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Step – 4 Congrautaltion You did it, now click on withdraw, Minimum withdraw amount is 110. it usally take 1-2 hour and some time 24 hour to withdrawl

Big Mumbai Customer Support

Big Mumbai offers r24/4 customer support. At the moment, the Big Mumbai Telegram channel is not available. The app solely provides one type of support, which is through live chat. You can access this live chat feature on the Big Mumbai app or website.

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